My first Paper

I am not going to bore you with all my papers this semester but it is interesting how yesterdays connections with my fellow female bubblelites encouraged me to pick this passage from the book ‘Into The Wild’ where I was to comment on a paragraph and write one in response… Here it is and thanks for your inspiration every day.!! xoxoxox

Into The Wild Page 70

It is true that many creative people fail to make mature personal relationships, and some are extremely isolated. It is also true that, in some instances, trauma, in the shape of early separation or bereavement, has steered the potentially creative person toward developing aspects of his personality, which can find fulfillment in comparative isolation. But this does not mean that solitary, creative pursuits are themselves pathological….
Avoidance behavior is a response designed to protect the infant from behavioral disorganization. If we transfer this concept to adult life, we can see that an avoidant infant might very well develop into a person whose principal need was to find some kind of meaning and order in life which was not entirely, or even chiefly, dependent upon interpersonal relationships.
Anthony Storr,
Solitude: A Return To Self

I have become active as an individual, creatively, in the latter part of my life. Meaning I am choosing activities and projects that envelope the whole of me; the intellectual as well as the spiritual self. Before pursuing these creative outlets, I can see where my tendencies toward isolation and the inability to make ‘mature personal relationships’ were puzzling for me as well as others. Now, looking back on my life, I can see what Anthony Storr refers to as ‘trauma in the shape of early separation or bereavement’ causing ‘Avoidance behavior’. However the good news is this kind of contrast that life introduced me to early on has indeed allowed me to want to find as he says ‘meaning and order in life which was not entirely, or even chiefly, dependent upon interpersonal relationships.’ I feel the creative self has perhaps an uncomfortable ingredient that does not allow for complacency early on, this ‘ingredient’ is so subtle in the making we sometimes do not come around to it ‘s full intention in this life. Sometimes we ignore our longings toward our higher sense of being and miss the boat altogether. For me, I am here at the last minuet of acceptance in school because I could no longer avoid its call to me. And frankly, I believe this is what keeps me inspired, passionate and young!

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