Even Bigger!

I came too
When I thought I was through,
I came to see
On a trip down the Ganges
She is called Ganga Ma
She is mother to us all
Ohm Ohm Ohmm

Just a journal entry… I also went to the local college and took a few courses for my work and threw in a yoga class,, today is wonderful! I did not get the interview as it was rescheduled but ‘I will survive!
I remember the trips to the Ganga in India, such a powerful river. It is true, you won’t believe it but it is the only river you can drink out of and not get sick.. One day I thought I would see if this were so. I should have some lame excuse like I was hammered or even high, but no, after visiting her for 2 years and feeling her inspiration reach out to me. I did it, I performed a ‘puja’ a cleansing ritual and asked ‘Lord Ganesh’ to remove any ‘obstacles before they occurred’ (that is one of the things Ganesha does) and took three very large gulps, one, two, three…I then immersed myself fully into her gracious yet powerful stream and admittedly was a bit frightened.
I mean 3 gulps of water from a river in India is as close to Insane as you can get…. But I am here to say, Like magic.. I not only did not get sick,,, but met someone who was to become a very special entry into the Blog of my life then.
I have to find a poem I wrote about her, and see if there is a photo that would speak of her power and Love.
Thanks to my supporters, the ones who wrote me back and the ones I see every day by just opening my RB site.

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