I am yet to be bubbled out

Last night I just had to stop. For some of these practiced veterans on this site who have honed the holiness of their craft will attest to I am sure; it is a prize when one finally lets go and pays attention to that which is really the peg that fits into the round hole, the round jpeg…hehe.

I have scattered my writing, my photo’s and my passion all over my bedroom for years. Recently I have used this beautiful arena here at Red Bubble, as a catharsis for my fledgling momentum towards the me I have discovered in the last few days. I have made some pretty bold decisions. I am going back to basics and pursuing the dreams I have let go of over the years. Wait, I have to be honest, there were no dreams, I never dreamed that I would pursue art, or any craft thereof, it was my brothers domain as his work was well in the making since I was a child. I remember his ability to watch TV and draw at the same time. Still to this day, he does exactly that, watch some media piece, perhaps a movie of his choice while he works.

I am having a hard time today deciding what to do but I have promised a friend I would help her out by selling a product or several that have to do with a branch of business I have been interested in and actually had a business in over the last few years.. Interior Design (emphasis on Green Design).

I just don’t feel it. I am trying to decide; no I think I have decided that I need to take up my calling. The trick is the money thang.. Anyway with the unlimited supply of money and ideas available perhaps after I go through the motions of showing up for life today the answers will come, that is what I am betting on. So off I go leaving my dearest RB pals for a bit and sift through the day. I leave this journal entry with hope, happiness and a bit more clarity than I have enjoyed in a while.

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