I have taken some time this afternoon to read though the amazing Ezing Inside Solo created and run by F.A.Moore .
Incredible what Fran has done since I have known her this past year.
It feels like Sunday and the New York Times.. Goodness the writing is stimulating, informative and the layout past excellent. It helps of course to have such fabulous artists like Mark Wellman who was selected to give a “Solo Exhibition” this week from her RB group Solo Exhibition where it all begins and a place to start if you have a desire to keep tabs on great fellow artists and garner an opportunity to show or be published!!

What I want to talk about here is the opportunity one can take advantage of by using this fabulous spread to market themselves to Gallery owners and Magazines you may want to send your work to.

I am all about finding ways to package myself since the goal is to be an Artist/Writer full time. What an extremely gorgeous tool this is!!

I am in awe at all the perks I can claim here by being a member of RB and by knowing and participating with dedicated and beautiful people like F.A. Moore

Thanks so much for the shout out in this weeks edition Fran and Co. !!!

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