Honored This Morning!

Wendy Slee graciously bought 2 Cards of Wendy Slee’s Leaves in Wind
Much Much appreciation to YOU Wendy..
I would like to share a Poem she wrote for this photo..good God.. I have never met anyone who can channel such poetry within minuets!!! This will be nestled by the Piece as a Co-Laboration.. Co-Creation. There is much behind the events that lead up to this very special union and I am forever in deep appreciation to RB to Know you all.. this is FUN!

Breeze of Existance
By Wendy Slee

Then as if through deep forests,
With their breath held waiting
Comes a stirring, a movement, anticipating…
Leaves awaken, heart quickens, limbs lift and extend
To receive the cool caress of a long welcome friend.
And you are here,
You the wind,
It is you that I know,
Yet know not where you come from, nor where you will go.
A free spirit you pass by me,
Yet somehow remain,
Swirling around me and through me,
Easing the pain…

I ache to just hold you, keep you here for all time
But I can’t catch the wind
Cannot grasp what’s not mine….
If I close my fingers, I’ll hold nothing but air…
If I reach out to possess you, it’s myself I’ll ensnare…
So I stand in your path, feel your breath on my face
And just bask in your spirit
As it moves through my space…
In the silence of your passing, the emptiness wake,
There’s a stillness that echoes with all you evoked
The power and beauty of the zephyr flies free
But your essence and magic has become part of me.

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