Mid December

Hello. This is just a quick note – for myself as well as the next artist.…

I have been studying Art for a long time. Recently, I have upgraded the input into my mind and am in a flurry of learning and practice. This is how it works for me. :)

I felt inspired to write, perhaps because we are all artists here.. and I’ve been picking up on vibes which are real, valid and expected. Mostly the vibes I get are positive… but occasionally the stress is palpable.

Listen up! (remember that I am talking to myself).
Run your own race. Strengthen your relationship with your Own art. Study the art and thoughts of others without fear. Have discipline and make.

Over simplified but the message is true.

If I was a horse in a horse race – alondside equally loved and talented horses – I would have my b

Happy December

I can’t believe it is December. I am turning into a cliche saying to complete strangers “Where has this year gone?” I don’t mind being a cliche.. I just don’t want to be a cliched cliche.…

What have I been doing?? Well I turned a year older which entitles me to be just that little bit more grumpy than usual. Giving myself permission to be thus is liberating. I have been spending time working in the library. Every day I say to myself… Do I still love the library?? And every day the answer is the same. YES.

I have managed to fall in love with the building, the individual collections and spaces, the students and this crazy, delightful, amazing, inspiring team of people that I am lucky enough to work with every day. I have the impression that the library team is like a face… if you sep

Oct 11 2010

Wow. The past two weeks have flown in such a flurry. School holidays – love em but tiring. (I was going to work for some peace and quiet). :)…

The art bug has dug in even further – and if you have a sci fi brain – you may consider it an implant and you can also assume that it is activated. Well and Truly.

The maelstrom of ideas begging for investigation is immense. The art detective is struggling without a secretary to help with time management. The house looks as though as asteroid has hit. I need a wife with a broom… and a smile.

I have two days to get things in order before I go back to holidays, I mean work. I love my new job. They have all of me when I am there. I love the students. all 30,000 of them. I have almost walked the 48kms of shelving. I love the numbers – and th

Feature Thanks

May I please thank

RedBubble & Freedom in Words & Art for featuring my story – You Clever, clever Thing

The Butch/Femme Dance for featuring my photo – By the Window

C.O.R.E for featuring my poem – One Mulberry Frock

Artrageous RB Artists for featuring my photograph – Far from burning up – the sunlight seemed to help.

& Feminine Intent for featuring my photo – for the Sake of light.

I am so grateful for all the support I get on this magnificent site. Thanks to all the artists I have found and watch and love. You are the most inspiring bunch of coconuts. Thanks to you most of all.

Slim. xxxx

A Birthday Wish - Shared

My son, Finn turns 9 today. :)

I feel so blessed and lucky to have been given a child on the same day so many were taken in events around the world.

For both my children… and for yours…. I make a Mother’s Birthday wish..



i am still alive....

hello. this is limerick. You may remember me from conceptual artwworks like the Flickerbook Series… ;)

I am still alive. Missing youse all. Love you to bits.

Limb xxx

Hello There. :)

We opened the gallery a little over two weeks ago. The Black Chandelier buzzed on opening night with what was reported to be over a hundred people out on the rainiest of nights. Jim and I tag-teamed our way through the building and prep… rarely seeing each other- awake and/or clean. I could not have done this without him.…

To the backdrop of sometimes torrential downpours and the odd ships horn… a red ribbon threaded it’s way through a crowd warmed by mulled wine and was cut by the delicious Lisa Slade who generously opened The Chandelier for us all.

After two weeks of almost all-nighters getting ready …when the opening arrived – I was a little dazed and confused. But It worked. Niamh playing a trumpet into the night surrounded by children. Jenna Gill playing her avant garde violin

Nobody told Me there'd be Days like These...

Something happened today
which made me quake in fear
& then
get angry.…

For two hours
I have sat in the bile of someone else’s fear
and have been wracked by it.

Bile by email.

I wanted to write
not with any details
but to record something much more important.

My peace. I am peaceful. I can see the truth in this negativity. I can see straight through it. And if you like Zen.. I almost have compassion…. I am not perfect.

This doesn’t happen to me every day. Not an attack.. or the peace. So it’s a gift because I feel peace in torment when I rarely feel that same peace in my everyday life. To The Anonymous Detractor I send my warmest & most heartfelt Thanks.

Thank You for the piece of Peace & the extra Ooommphh I need to get me through the coming weeks.

To everyone one else

Further Updates from Limerick Esquire

Guess What?
Today I signed the papers & picked up the keys for
This is really truly happening!!…

Thanks for all your support. I am still here every day watching the comings and goings… Don’t think I’m not. ;)

Zoe – I hope you are behaving yourself.
Chitrali – missing you on AWOL.
Eon – You’re hitting new highs!!
Jennifer B… – loving your new lease on life!
Lisa J – You have the most valuable bleeding heart.
Cos – You are an inspiration
MH – I want what he’s having!! Cool work as always.
Donna Malone – So good to have you back!
Loui – Working the butt off over there!! ;)
Michael – Missing Michael!! He’s at work!!
Suspended Note – Away and being inputted with worldly sights
Mr. Ramstead – International Man of Fabulous Photos (and linework!!)
Henk – Stylin’ photos
Is Alive & Well –

Dearest Friends, Peers & Colleagues - an Update from The Ministry of Paint Sniffers

Hello Dearest Art Fellows,
I couldn’t wait to get five minutes alone with you. I MISS YOU!! :D
I am up to my armpits in school holidays, kids, kids losing things, feeding kids, making phone calls, building cabinets, checking in to see who is on the Bubble, crying out to the God above and around to send me a clone of myself, cooking, cleaning, blowing up the washing machine on the very day my partner sold his motorbike (haven’t told him yet ;))
I skulled my coffee and sat. With you. Because I value you. And I love this place. It’s so good to feel ‘missing’. Very romantic in a non-romantic kind of way. ;)
The gallery is going VERY QUICKLY… legals this week. Then if everything is cool – KEYS!! OMGoodness.
The floor plan is looking great! The night program is coming along. The workshop …

Tear A Miss You - The Saddest of Desserts

Ladies and Gents,
lend me your tears!
I mean fears…

or is it ears?
It could be leers
or jeers.

LEND me your SEERS!

your deers?
Your Dears.

You probably should shift gears..
if you’re in arrears.

And if you hears
from your peers
or from the queers
about your rears
and your mind veers…..

If you start collecting weirs….

you may need many beers
some Tear A Miss You.

Dear, I miss You.


I heard to day that The Black Chandelier has been approved. I now have a job. I am so happy… I don’t know what to say. I’d better get to work!!!!
The best thing is… I can still contribute to RB and can call it research. Gotta love that!!
Big happy hugs all round!!!!
Limerick (Proprietor)

I thought of God. I took it as a sign.

I am going to be honest with you.
I have been flipping out.
I guess you could say I’ve been feeling true Limbo.
But today the phone rang minutes after I walked in the door
after locking my keys in the car
in the ignition
with the radio on.…

i knew what I was doing as I did it
Saw it in slow motion
But wasn’t fast enough to
PULL UP… damn.

I went to the cafe like nothing happened
and sat
and enjoyed my coffee
and read the paper
and made myself bloody well Enjoy It…
Rather than what I actually wanted to do
which was steam the car open
(like I would a cheating lovers envelope)
with my shit hot fury. Sorry.

I thought of God.
I took it as a sign.
I listened and acted with remarkable calm, patience, good humour and philosphy.
I paid for my coffee in silence.
I kept my sunglasses on. Jackie O would have done the s

Please tell me.. What would you do??

I have found boxes of old journals and diaries. They make me cringe. I have lugged them around for years… since I was about 15. Let me tell you now that I was no Anne Frank. They are boring. Horrible things.
What would you do?
Keep them?
Burn them?
Shred them?

In billy cARTs,
Limerick. XX

The Matthew Experiment

I have just posted a series of photos of my great friend and fellow performer, Matt.
This man has a million faces. I’ve seen half of them… maybe. :)
We were really aiming for old-time Australia with these… almost silent film or early talkies… I am pretty happy with how they are starting to shape up. I say starting. because we only took them yesturday and I stayed up late to work on them… and I accept that I may have to tweak more.

Cheers to all you fabulous people. Thanks in advance for reading and checking them out.
Mucho love

Big Thankity Thanks

I would like to send thanks to the following groups for featuring my work in the past week.

Everyone’s A Comedian
Feminine Intent
Black & White Photography
The Woman Photographer
The Secret Society
Poetry & Beautiful Women
Sensual Word

A huge thanks also to all my good friends and supports here. Love youse!!

Telegram from Somewhere.... if you know where I am can you let me know

Hello. stop.
There are a few things going on out side the bubble. stop.
Am still able to check in a couple of times a day. stop.
But am not able to contribute much. stop.
Sorry. stop.
I love it here. stop.
I love all my friends here. stop.
Wish we could have coffee. stop.
So I could see your darling faces. stop.
And so I can listen to your chatter. stop
And sit like an old lady in the corner, quietly smiling. stop.
See you around the bubble. stop.

Hippy Sat Day.

Some notes:

* I have read some brilliant writing on the bubble tonight.  I wonder if RB would consider publiishing a hardcopy compilation comprising of ’our’ very favourites.

* I’m guessing that people who *like* drama in their lives... haven’t expereinced the truth of it.

* I’d like to drink Tequila with Sudsy. 

* I’m loving words at the moment.  

* Rude People give me the shits.


Wouldn’t it be great
If we could take our own
Drivers License Photo??
I wouldn’t look like a housewife from the burbs and possible part-time drug dealer.

Unless, that was the look I was going for. ARTistically Speaking.

Limerick :)

Why I stand on the Train Tracks.

I have been watching and feeling
the reverberating highs and lows of life
of love
some emanating from me
Some ricocheting off me – around me….

I want to be still
I need to rest
but not too much
not enough to interrupt the heARTfelt
feelings or
inspirations or

I have artistic wants.
Greedy Greedy Needs.
Big Bad ARTISTIC secrets
which are driving the Limerick Express.
Toot Toot!!

and there
off in the distance
I can see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel
and I don’t think it’s a train.

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare...


I have had a great few weeks on RB. Not only have I enjoyed contributing to the goings on… but I have witnessed some incredible art.

If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare between uploading your own work, please meander through my favourites pages. I am so blown away by the talent and art. Some of the art and artists on these pages, you may not have had the opportunity to find yourself… so I offer a shortcut to some pockets of what I consider TOP SHELF!!

Thanks again to everyone who has looked at my work, fav’d it and/or left comments. I appreciate your support and friendship. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a lovelier bunch of coconuts. ;)

In Love
In k-mART (sorry – couldn’t resist that CRAP one)

Limerick xxxoooxxx (that is morse code for I LOVE YOUSE

Bubble Radio

I was thinking last night that it would be wonderful to have RB Radio. So that when we are logged on we can choose to listen to and be connected to each other… via sound & music.
I have no idea if it is a good idea or if it is possible. (though I am sure someone will tell me)

And then I started to think about all the groups and how each group could present a show… and then I started thinking about some of the people and how much I would love to hear them read their own work aloud… or program music or just speak…. and interviews and live aural workshops.

Maybe it’s a dream. :) but it made me smile last night.

Thought I would throw it out there. :)


The FlickerBook Series

For those who are not aware, the FlickerBook Series of portraits will be made into a flicker book for my offspring and their offspring and eventually donated to some random museum somewhere as a kooky ARTefact. Then forever and ever people will be able to watch me grow old in about a minute. :D

I am only just realising HOW many self portraits I am going to need to make this Perfect. I am now only uploading bare minimum. FEEL FREE to skim over them when and if you see my mug.

There can be too much of a good thing. ;)

Aren’t I the cheeky Monkey?

Love youse.


Hey, Guess What??

I am going back to work. Outside the bubble.

I have been experiencing Bubble madness. I will be going nowhere though. How could I stay away? :) This silly season with you all has been FANTASTIC!! I have made some true friends who I want to know for a long time. (You know who you are)
And the art….. The ART! OMG. I have been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have been hedonistic in my consumption… and I feel a little guilt… as I wipe the corners of my mouth with the corner of my skirt. :) Always a lady – Never a lady. :)

Thank you for feeding me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I hope the humble cheese and crackers I offer to the party don’t go dry and soggy, respectively. :D

Love to you from the Tallest to the Shortest,
Limerick xxxx


Whoever you are… Thank you for buying Ladies in Love. They will be tickled pink…. just as soon as they stop tickling each other. Much appreciated. Limerick. x

Big thanks to the Queer and Gender Theorists....

The Ladies in love and I would humbly like to express our thanks for the feature and fuss.
It is such an honour for the girls to be representing the group throughout this fabulous community. We would also like to say that John Douglas is a big spunk. :)

Love to you all this year…..

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