New Works.....

Here is a slow release drooble of the work from the new show. I have kept it as simple as possible… loving the minimal detail…. loving the gold. I hope you like. :D

Big thanks!!

Thanks to the group B&W Character People Shots Group for featuring my photo ‘Smile High Club’. This means a great deal. I’m stoked. Merry Christmas to all and may we see plenty of smiling in the new year.
Love in Art

Ps I have no idea how to publicly announce my gratitude…. I still have not figured out the forums. Forgive me or help me. ;D

The Spirit In The Bubble..

This week, I have met and had the loveliest of connections here on RB. The Spirit is on the move. I’m feeling it. Others are feeling it. It is a spiritual breeze for which I am grateful for. The holidays give me a few more pockets of time to bask in The RB Light, enjoying immensely the superb work on RB and getting to know everyone a little better. Happy Holidays if you read this. Thanks for being so welcoming and friendly. See you all next year. Biggest Astral Hugs for EVERYONE!!!!!

Limerick. x

just when you think you know it all...

Today. Everything shifted. Today I faced some sort of truth. Today, something in me released. One of my big, life-long burdens took flight. I got the chance to see myself. Clearly. For an instant.…

The window i looked into was the face of a doctor. He diagnosed an acute case of sanity. This is fabulous. I thought I was well on the way to ‘the other side’. Mistaken Bipolarity. Thirty years of hard labour.

It has been a hot, fly-blown day. The first licks of a southerly arrive. The breeze lifts my mood if not my feet… I am sane. I have my life back. I have been asleep (yet awake) for three decades. I have fought demons in dreams, in life and in love. I have fought long and hard to remain here. And I’ve made it. I am here. Will you sit with me for a second? Will you jus

Tone it Downers

This week I was honored by the Tone it Down group. I can’t say what a happy surprise this was. But I can say thanks. Thanks for seeing my work and it’s gentle value. May you overflow with magnificent ideas. All the best and in art, Limerick.


hello. I have been off the computer and in ‘the making’. However, I have managed to jump on and see what everyone else is doing & it’s Fabulous!

Thanks to all the people who have left comments about my work. I am looking forward to getting back into RB and seeing what you are up to.

All the best, Limerick.

From The Black Chandelier


I felt compelled to write today. I’ve had a great couple of days trawling through the work on RB. I can’t keep up with feeds some days and I wish there was more time to look at everything LARGE. :)

Here, under the Black Chandelier, things have been a bit stormy. After uploading a selection from my back catalogue ( in an effort to catch up) I found myself flailing. Is the art work on RB all I have? You know the question… and the self – doubt. If you are half creative anyway.

There are the highs of making something so spectacular. A work that moves even the harshest critic in you. And there are the lows which come at the end of the creative stream. That’s where I’ve been. The stagnant pool at the end of a dreamy creative stream. hmm.

It’s alot to keep going. I start thinki

Huge Thanks

Hello! A big thank you for featuring my family and their story in Moms 4 Art. We all really appreciate it. Dad would be chuffed with the attention. Have a great day everyone!


Your Little MissFortune card of the day is...

You will be swept up in the bill of a pelican on your way to work. The view is fabulous but your shoes smell like fish for days.

*the Little MissFortune card for the day is a parody. Any relevance to your actual life is purely accidental. The author accepts NO responsibility should you need to de-fish your shoes.

Hello ImageWriting Group,

Thanks for featuring the portrait of ‘Ellen’. This is GREAT news! May the most exciting artistic ideas rain over each and every one of you today! and tomorrow. :)

Yours in Art,


A Huge Thank YOU

for featuring my photo ’It’s not all Penthouses and Ponies’ in Feminine Intent. This is really encouraging to me.

May I also say thanks to all the generous people who have contacted me and supported me through my first couple of months here on RB.

I no longer feel alone. I am part of a world wide amazing community… and I fit. Just the way I am. For that alone I am extremely grateful.

Yours in art,

Limerick X

Thanks Outsiders!

Hi. I’m not sure how or when or by whom but I seem to be featured for I don’t know how long. I am still really new here on RB… only been active (or addicted) for a month or so.

Whoever you are THANKYOU! I really like this group.




the places we go...


I love drama, photography, being a little scared, pushing myself artistically & letting myself be ‘ugly’. Add all these things together and you arrive at my latest series. The places we will go.

Please think of this series as an exhibition or book… and imagine the images are lit by light box…

…from them come warm, grainy greys – to invite you forward, soft black shapes to arouse curiousity and then a face or two. a nightmare. beware.

All the movement and distortions were captured in camera. The images have had brightness & contrast tweaked. no photoshop.

love n art


my mislaid moustache..

i had it
within my hand
the certainty
of who it was i was

it was the moustache.

i felt like clark gable.

the clark within is a patient chap
with good humour
and remarkable grace.

Clark is happy to wait
while I shop
and cook
and clean and be
a lady…
the lady most in demand

(at my address at least)

where my body
is on call
to care and feed.

i am almost sad.

now while i think
about my lost moustache
and mourn it’s disappearance
i realise it’s not lost at all.

it’s right where i left it.
under ME
in the filing cabinet.

pants on fire

my lover lied to me tonight.

i should have let him.


my lover lied to me tonight.

i should have left him.

my lover tried with me that night.

i should have kept him.

the ground touched

so this is where i have landed…..

life passes the artist by
the artist frantically tries to keep up
(their job of recording is of the highest importance)

with the ideas
no time to sleep

rapid art movement

I am a joyful robot.

Painted Love

I hung and opened my latest show last week. It is titled Painted Love. Now, I am in the grips of post show downer. It’s a bizarre thing. The come-down… even when the paintings are still on the walls.…

Does anyone else experience this? All the thinking, the conceiving, the physicality of making it, finishing and hanging… I forget that there is the anti-climax at the end.

The good news is… the paintings are beautiful. They are by far the most honest works I have ever made. And this show is like a personal promise to myself. This show has shown me my own growth and I am really pleased with how I am going.

Please don’t think that because I like my own work (at the moment anyway) that I am ego driven. It’s quite the opposite. What could be misconstrued as a brag is in fact… surprise. I

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait