A Wee Bit Of A Break

Hello, everyone reading this! ;)

I have removed – and will continue to remove – a good bit of my portfolio in nearly every category. I’m trying to publish in journals, and many will only accept online work if it’s removed before submission. This means a lot of my better work is no longer up, or won’t be posted – which saddens me a little, because I would rather people actually SEE it. But everything else remains up and hopefully it’s decent enough.

I hope you’re all having a beautiful, healthy start to the new year.

Due to a great deal of theater-work and subsequent fatigue, I have not been on here very much – just to check messages and check in on groups I monitor. I think I’ll officially take a bit of a break, just for a month or so, while I clean out my portfolio and add new things. I’ll stop in my groups from time to time, and probably add a few new things here and there as the mood strikes. ;)

I’m posting this because so many of you have been so, so good to me and I’m so grateful – and I want you to know I have not forgotten any of you or your art, despite my lack of posting or commenting. I’ll be back, like it or not. hehe


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