Run Away

Their voices echoed through the hall, I tried to block it out, but I couldn’t. Shouting, crying, tears, it was more than I could handle. I turned my ipod on full blast, tears streaming down my own eyes. Why couldn’t they stop fighting for one second? Why couldn’t they see what they were doing? I drowned myself in the music. Blocking out what was all around me. Trapping me.

I want to run away. I’ve thought about it for days. But dont know where to go. I don’t know who to tell. It seems like everythings perfect .. then one day it’s just turns upside down.

I had a vague idea about what they were saying… something about moving…. I’m not sure and I dont know if I even what to know. I cant do anything, Im just a pathetic child and I’m scared. I don’t want him to hurt her. I dont know why he came back, then again I don’t know anything.

Sometimes when theres no-one about, when I’m alone and it’s peaceful for once, I sit there. Yeah it doesn’t seem like much, but I feel…. happy? I have controll on everything, nobody can stop me or tell me what to do. I feel.. free. Yet I feel like I’m hidden in the darkness, like they’re hiding something from me. ’You’re just a child,’ that’s what they’d say to me. They’d say it’s nothing, I shouldn’t worry, it’s none of my business. But it is. I have a right to know, even though sometimes I dont want to know.

The lies echo in my head, they think I don’t know? The sweet, fake voices they put on when I enter the house. And still…. I do nothing, I play along with their game, I pretend too.

Today however is different. It’s silent. I’m alone. I enter the house, my key clicking gently. It’s empty. My heart thuds, something’s wrong, something’s out of place. My room. The door ajar, I enter, choosing my steps carefully, it’s everywhere, her sweet, musky perfume. She’s been here, I know it. With trembling fingers I hold on to the neatly folded note on my pillow, my eyes skim the words but I take nothing in. I know whats happened already, he’s taken her away, I don’t know where and I dont know why but I do know it’s not what she wants.

They haven’t come home yet. I’m worried, I always get worried when she’s out, especially when it’s with him. My fingers fold and unfold the note, smudging her perfect scrawl with my sweaty palms. I hear the door click. I jump up, then I sit back down, terrified. What if she’s not with him? What if, what if, what if.

“Melanie,” his eyes look into mine smiling… a fake smile. " You’re mother and I were out, I hope you weren’t too worried?" I shake my head and swallow my words. " That’s good, I told her you were old enough to take care of yourself." God enough with the fake compliments… Or whatever they were. He turns to leave but I stop him.
“Where did you go dad?” I choke on the last word, hating it.
“Oh, nowhere really, just some business, don’t you worry munchkin,” he winks at me, and I pretend to be fooled, but I hate him. I hate him.

It happens again that night, the shouting, it’s louder and worse today. But I’m braver, and I want to know what has been happening. I rest my ear against the door.
“Joe! We can’t! Please, please don’t…” her voice trails away, replaced with loud sobs.
“Shutup Mary,” he growls at her in an undertone, I hear her whimper.
“Let go of my arm Joe.”
“What? what did you say?”
“I said, LET GO OF MY ARM!”
“Don’t raise your voice at me, cow!”

I back away, I don’t like it when he says that to her, I dont like it when he hurts her. I hear more. But I don’t want to recall it, I hear him shaking her against the wall and swearing at her. I swallow back my tears. I don’t know what to do. I don’t stand a chance against him. So I do it.

I run away.

Run Away


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