cant win

I have to say my heart has a pretty good chin

took enough blows even Ali couldn’t win

i can accept an L ya win and ya lose

but it was me who came out lookin broken and bruised.

so i stand at your door with this simple serenade

but i can see through the door and see you stare away

so confused in this moment but that moment is forever

ive tried to talk it out but my words wont make it better

try a letter for whatever

soothing and tranquil without the sound of my voice

reading what you’ve read its time to make a choice.

Too many tears through the years i shed fear from my mind

unwind from the way i feel because it keeps me in a bind.

your like bliss to me

but the time spent you stay pissed at me

so in a wish from me like one on a star

that one wish would be_________________.


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