I guess everything happens for a reason

so i Pray that someone come and relieve my griev’n

and long last this day because i knew it would come

a witty kid but through it all you can make me look dumb

i let one tear shed

through it came anger and sadness

this baggage needs lifted

from the weight of my shoulder

time again shifted.

reminisce to the time when you were mine

you turn your shoulder away

again my world feels colder today

the love is almost diminished now

soon non exsistant

cept maybe in a friendship that could never be consistant

after everything you look at me still with loving eyes

and this is what keeps me

this is why i try

it will take a different strength now

truly just a friend

after all i once told you i’d be here til’ the end

hearts break, but a promise last forever

through whatever ill make it last

like that first kiss from the past, stuck in our memory

so hope that forever the good times shine through the bad

see i was lost because i thought our love was all i had

but now that fire has been extenguished

love has relinguished and gone up in smoke

searching for hope and i started thinking maybe

i can see you as my friend but no longer as my baby.


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