This morning-2

This morning, I finished editing all my pictures and descriptions and this afternoon, I finished my bubblesite. I am exhausted and exhilarated. It is a big achievement for me. I have worked solidly on it for a week. I still have my own artwork and poetry to put on but I am going to slow down a bit.

This afternoon, as I espied the half-opened dandelions on the lawn, and then a blue wren came and jumped on one and fell off promptly, it reminded me of yesterday morning when I had Jaz here. A four year old absorbed in picking dandelions is wonderful. When i explained that the bird was a blue wren and I knew it was a boy because it was blue, she told me she had pink ones at her place!!

The clouds are flying and changing shapes across the sky, taking each moment of the day with them. An Eastern water skink shared the bed with my old, docile dog and then came over to bake beneath me in front of the old sofa. Like a seasoned sun-bather, it makes the most of the sun by shifting its front legs backwards and pressing it against its sides. It is a picture of bliss!!

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