On the Fringe

After searching around, I have found a group that makes me hope there’s a ghost community to go with my ghost store, and that’s as important to me as selling stuff: it’s called Fringe Science.

I have an affinity for human-machine hybrids and weird animals. I wrote a picture novel about a parallel universe (in the South, of course) with a toxic environment that stresses humans into prolonged lives: in toxicology, that’s the principle of hormesis (that work’s on lulu, not redbubble). I’ve just finished a series on Edgar Allan Poe, and he was one of the original fringe scientists of the mind.

I appreciate much of what I see in the group’s “gallery.” Some of it is pretty slick and technically sophisticated digital art. My paper cuts are more like crude folk art by comparison, but we share some interests. I think I can hang out there for awhile.

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