I’ve created my first electronic storefront. Instead of a ghost story, I’ve made a ghost store. It’s my own invisible mall to wander through.

A ghost store sounds spooky, a little lonely. “Build it and they will come”—Not true. I could wander in this store forever by myself because attracting customers in the age of Print-on-Demand still takes work. You still have to build contacts, and some of that work has to happen In Person.

Then why resort to a ghost store to sell my artwork? I enjoy working with a print-on-demand platform like Redbubble.. My work’s not exactly “new brow” but some of it fits. And with the touch of a button, I can put an image of mine on scarves and smart phone cases and leggings.

Creating digital versions brings me instant gratification that doesn’t cost me anything other than time and absolute control over the images. I like seeing all the possibilities. I like the fact that consumers choose how they want to see the art displayed and how much they want to pay for particular products. But regardless, the artist still has to get out there and shake hands. So—that comes next. From time to time, I’ll comment on the process here, but there will usually be more discussion and additional images on my blog,


Thank you, Red Bubble

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