Just a Thought

Intoxicating are the words of a well versed vixen, dark are her motives.
A constant duel with the inner dueling duality. A decapitated, incapacitated and completely defragmented version of unrelated logic and rehearsed suggestions of the truth has become the structure cure for the commas and full stops of inadequacy that punctuate the pages of my life.
Lets burn something beautiful, lets lead this world into flames.
God is in the rain.
I long to share my silent psychosis with my inner prognosis but there is a deadly gap in the communication between what I want and what is good for me.

Pleasant distraction seem to fail in subduing the disappointment.
Aint it funny how sometimes things seem so clear, true love might fall from the sky.
Run from any sense of reality, lies lies lies!

Abandon senses of justice I cant source any valid justification

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