Here Again

Im here again.
I have misjudged kindness for obligation
I have wondered the world over
ran for everything and anything
yet I find myself with the same feelings again
itgs been more than a year
a srange compulsion to write even after i have cried more than once at the thought of my words drying up.
I love lost those who i loved more than life itself yet i have gain a darker and more inlightened path
I have failed and won all of the above with a cetain measure of pride
ye i am here ….. again.
I have given up, gain faith, loved my hatered, bathed in pain, cried at a sense of lost adolesance, marvelled at peace and tranquility
I have felt.
I have forgotten how to live I have prayed for death, I have come to to term with the fact that I will never know enough of either.
I have been a liar, a friend, i have brought destruction to some, hope to some, doubt to other, joy to most.
I have been alive.
I dream now, but fear more.
I convict and vindicate.
Above all….. the only thing can possibly bring justice to it all is the fact that….
I bleed bright red tears.

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