im here now.

I saw it in your eyes
I felt it in your touch
You thought you were so sure
guess what it doesnt hurt
Its all just lies anyway right?
This is the biggest one yet.

Thought that the bruised soul
could be buried at last
your words the last stab the blade would need to make.
guess what it doesnt hurt
the dead dont feel.

I took it out
pumped it full of bullet holes
and left it bleeding in the middle of the road
as i walked off into the night
tears still flowed but the heart died
so let me ask do you like
so let say that I like that.

Do you feel better now?
guess what it doesnt hurt
so break me down if it makes feel right
there`s so much more to this than meets the eye
so let me say that I like that
Let me ask do you like that …
guess what
it hurts.
but I like that
I like that.

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