Ill always remember that ....

music plays slowly, i see the shadows as they sway to the melody
its beautiful to see these images as they are blissfully trapped in the motion of the moment.
how many times do we myself included pass up moments like these.
yesterday i was cooking and a simple song played as i turned around to embrace the emotion, he took me into his arms and danced with me, not even on the same beat but we didnt need to we were dancing to the song of our hearts.
nothing matters in those few moments, you could actually see a glimps of happiness in your own misery, you forget how much you hate yourself for all the things you couldnt do for them.

I feel sober again, its the greatest thing he could ever help me with
all the things that tore me apart,are the same things that are ok now
in a sick way i want to thank him, for holding my head up late in the night
when i was busy waging wars on myself he`s always trying to stop the fight.
he never doubts my hopes, decisions or things like suicidal hate
he makes me compliment myself whenits way to hard to take..
sometimes makes me feel that i could drive so fucking far away that i never cross his mind, do whatever it takes to leave myself behind.

But in that moment i was really real, i had not a single fear, not a worry about tomorrow or sorrows for today, i was just there, getting lost in his eyes
I love him you know.

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