Lilian Marshall

Blackpool, United Kingdom

progressed from holiday snaps to being serious about it just 3 years ago.I keep a compact camera in my handbag at all times .It is more...

Update on Birdringing.

Have heard today about the bird I photographed on the beach at Cromer. It was ringed as a chick on Staple Island, Farne Islands, Northumberland on the 23-6-11. They are ringing as many Shag chicks as they can in North East England and Eastern Scotland to understand their wintering areas and their breeding ecology. So welcome as many sightings as they can get.

I thought the Left leg looked really swollen but they say they think it a result of seeing the 2 legs together at different angles. Seeing the narrow part of the right leg against the broader part of the wide ringed Left leg. I think it is a really interesting hobby providing you can get the ring number.. I have photographs of Sanderlings on the beach at Fleetwood near to my home which I now realise are ringed . It’s not so much a ring as coloured tape so I will be sending them also to the BTO I have a new interest. lol

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