Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

Moving back to West Virginia or as we locals call it “God’s Country” has inspired me to take up photography. The natural paintings that have been created here from the mountain ridges to the gorges.
I have come to understand through the camera lens why they call it “God’s country” where its a local call.
I live in town on about a third of the way up a mountain. I call it my mountain. The flowers that grow wild are amazing and the colors are so vibrant.
The Appalachians are but mere foothills when compared to the Rockies, Tetons, Sierra Nevadas, etc. But here they are mountains. In the winter the waterfalls freeze – that is a truly awesome site.
I had been living in South Carolina. South Carolina has its mountains. Where we live were more like rolling hills- it is fairly flat. We reside in the lower piedmont region. This move to WV is temporary and we go home all the time. You don’t get the same kinds of shots in South Carolina as you do in West Virginia, but I can go back to the home I grew up in and get awesome views of the Hudson River and the sunset from Bear Mountain.

Here in WV I have my"Walden Pond" on the Elk River. There are some magnificent scenes along that river, as well as the New River and the Gauley River. Drive down Rte 16 in the middle of winter and you can see all the frozen waterfalls and where the river has frozen.

You might wonder why I titled this Wild, Wonderful West Virginia that is because that is the only true state motto. They have finally voted it back in.

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