The River Rat

Last sunday my husband asked me if it had rained the night before. Why? You might ask? He was awakened by, what he described as a scraping noise on the roof. I told him it hadn’t rained that it must have been the wind.
Well sunday night I am drawing and it is nice and quiet everyone has gone to bed. All of a sudden I hear this noise coming from under the living room floor. It was pretty loud. I went over to where the noise was and jumped up and done. It stopped. About thirty minutes later in the far corner on the other side of the living room the noise starts up again.
This noise was a river rat trying to gnaw its way into the house through our floor. As soon as I realized what was going on I started to create my own little racket and soon it left.
The next day I walked out the front door and noticed that the trash bag that I had hung off it-so that the animals wouldn’t get at it- had teeth marks in it. Now I knew why the river rat had come to the house! The trash had attracted it.
I quickly went into action. First I removed the trash bag and brought it and the Garbage Pail down by the road(a good 300 feet from the house), it is worth the walk. Then I went around and under the house with moth balls and boric acid. I also found how the rat had gotten under the house. I secured all openings and cracks.
That night I waited – I heard Mr. Rat come back. Unfortunately for him he couldn’t get back in. Which is very fortunate for us. I have been doing a daily survey of the foundation to make sure it is secured.
Rats can be destructive. When the creek goes back down it will return to the river. As long as I keep the trash away from the house that should keep it from showing up. There was Mr. Rat didn’t come last night. So I think we are safe.
Next we’ll probably have a coyote, panther, or a bear who has stayed awake.
That’s country living!

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