Spring in Appalachia

It was amazing last week! We had three days in the eighty’s and the nights only down into the mid-seventy’s. This is rare and isn’t going to last. We will be going back down into the thirty’s and forty’s- a rain snow mix is forcasted for Monday. Oh, how I miss the spring weather of South Carolina.
The Dogwood was in full bloom and the flowers are falling off now. It was just glorious to see. There are so many flowers that grow wild here and the colors are very vibrant. The colors of the sky and rich and deep.
Today we went down to Wyoming County where I shot pics way up in Cub Creek Hollow. It was peaceful and quiet and full of the wild, wonderful, and beautiful nature that WV is known for. It saddens me that the four-wheelers will be blazing there trails through the mountains from now until the winter season. The will be leaving horrible ruts and tracks through out the mountains.
Since, April first we have had plenty of rain. the Elk River, Gauley River, and New River have risen greatly. The Waterfalls are really flowing and the rivers are moving. It is awesome to watch but I am glad I live up on the side of the mountain, as the Elk River is across the road and if it reaches flood stage we are safe from flooding but we could have a mudslide on our side of the road. I think I would prefer that than being swept away down the river or having the river come into my house.
We will be moving in a few weeks up into a “holler” in Wyoming County. We won’t have any neighbors! We will no longer live in town! I am so excited! There is a creek that runs down one side of our dirt road we will be on the other side with the mountain right behind us. In this case it is the mountain, the creek, the road, the house, and then a mountain. That is how most of the area is except many times it is a river instead of a creek.

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