The Adventures of Dr Lightsmith - Episode 1 - LIGHTENSTEIN!

Just for those who are still interested.

Haven’t had much time for shooting so I used the iMac’s inbuilt camera and Photobooth software to capture some stills which I strung together without any post processing into this story.

It was important to me to be creative here without using any image modification other than the realtime ‘glow’ provided by Photobooth.

I hope it appeals to someone …

A T-Shirt Sale

A little sweetness in life ….

Another sale and another photographer wearing their passion on their chests (or perhaps breasts…)

I am always so pleased if I am lucky enough to sell anything but to know that the art of photography means so much to someone that they should display it to the world is a wonderful thing indeed.

As HRGiger is Dark, Patricia Piccinini is Light

I have discovered a wonderful artist – Patricia Piccinini.

Some may know of the work of HRGiger – the original creator of the Alien creature. His work is alien and dark, frightening – yet engaging.

Patricia Piccinini also produces works that are alien and, in a way, frightening. Yet the creatures she creates do not invoke fear, they are not hideous monsters of torment and death. They tear at your heart, but in a quite different way.

Visit her web site at and prepare to be astounded.

And see also her exhibition at

New Selling Page - Hidden Frames!!!!!

I definitely do NOT like the fact that the proposed new selling page hides print option in a drop down. IF I am ever lucky enough for someone to buy my work, while I am ecstatic if they buy it in ANY form, my PREFERRED form as an artist is FRAMED. But you have to click a drop down to get there.

Anyone else have opinions on this?

If so, then post here by all means but please LET REDBUBBLE KNOW…..

How to have confidence in yourself even when no one else appears to ...

I count myself fortunate since there are a few people on RedBubble who believe in me (not including myself because sometimes I don’t though sometimes I do!)…

But at the end of the day, when you feel that no-one appreciates you, when you think perhaps the world is right and your talent is zero, then there’s something you need to remember. Well, a couple of things.

1. Artists are not artists for the money or the fame. They are Artists because they have no other choice. Call it passion, call it obsession – call it a state of being. If not a single person likes what you do, even if not a single person sees it, that does not mean you are not an Artist. it doesn’t even mean you are not superb. It just means that the world cannot see through your eyes. Yet.

2. Vincent Van Gogh didn’t sell

Hate Lovers We Love To Hate....

I have often noticed Hate Lovers on RedBubble. The recent issue arising in the Herald/Sun is just one.…

Years ago I saw a breach of RedBubble rules. I reported it. By coincidence (or not?) my comments plummeted afterwards. The person who broke the rules (displaying human genitals was supposed to be against the rules) was allowed to continue doing what they did.

I gave up.

Maybe I have nothing to offer as a photographic artist. Maybe my sudden and dramatic fall in comments and views was unrelated to my reporting of the work in question. Who knows. The most important thing is that nothing was done.

This issue in the press IS an issue because nothing was done. The particular distasteful articles had received complaints to RedBubble. I know of one bubbler, for example, who is leaving

Liz Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith - Passed away Today.

To many it might not mean much, but to most Doctor Who fans at least, today marks a loss. Elizabeth Sladen, who played Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, lost her battle with cancer.

Sarah Jane Smith was the first Doctor Who assistant who did more than scream and run away. Heads-strong and comitted to equality of the sexes, she brought the program firmly into the Twentieth Century (sic).

For those who knew of her, she needs no introduction. For those who don’t, you have missed out.

Today is a sad day.

Elizabeth Sladen dies from cancer

From the Cold

Been busy dealing with a family death. Sad times but also inevitable ones.

I’ve setup my collections. Any opinions would be welcome.

Hoping to get back into RedBubble (for the few who still remember me!) – depending on time. Trying to run a home business to survive which takes time of course.

But I’m still passionate.
I’m still keen.
And I’m still here.

Difficult times

Alas, it is the secret side of the coin, death. We speak loudly and joyously of birth yet in hushed tones of death. In truth, with every birth comes ultimate death.

So the time of death is a time of sadness but also of joy. Because, despite the two sides there is but one coin and that coin is the coin of life. To focus now on our loss is to ignore all of the good that is the value of this coin.

There are going to be some tough times ahead. But unlike banks and superannuation funds (who eat away at your savings), the coin of life never loses its value. The interest you accrue stays with you, always, in the heart.

An apology, an admission and a crow.

Sorry I have been here so little. I’ve missed many wonderful artworks and the opportunity to comment on them.

I’ve been flat out trying to make a living and cope with the general issues of aged parents including a 91 yo who has broken a hip. Life is seldom the sugar and spice I might hope for. Unlike that spice is chilli – though I do like chilli, so perhaps that’s a bad example….. but I digress….

I have finally (after a years wait) received the converted Canon Powershot SX20 IS. So hopefully I’ll get some small times to take pix and post them…… (that’s the crow bit)…..

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait