Alas, i have some personal comittments which are keeping me off-line at the moment. Primarily health issues with our parents.

So please accept my apologees all those who have been kind enough to comment on my work, and those who I am watching who have posted some really great stuff but who I have not been able to get back to. I will certainly try to get-commenting asap but at the moments things are a bit haywire here.

Keep bubbling away everyone!

regards, lightsmith.

I wanted a smiley but got a bogeyman!

I thought I’d be cute and loaded up a small smiley so I could embed it in posts rather than use :) or :-)

Nice idea but of course, it is resized and comes up large. And I mean large! So that didn’t work too well.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Someone made my day!

Today was not one of the best. Plenty of frustration and a heap of rejection (from other quarters). I felt really miserable, despondent, and pointless.

THEN something happened.

Someone bought a card of The Blue Lagoon and I feel that someone, somewhere likes something I’ve done.

To the unknown buyer, I am incredibly grateful. You have cheered me up immensely.

The Digital Interface Group - The Official Welcome

Welcome to the Digital Interface Group.

I am sure that you will enjoy being part of this group. Please feel free to contribute thoughts and images, and definately bubblemail me with any suggestions.

There are guidelines and also an overview – I’d encourage you to read these and get back to me with any queries, suggestsions etc.

In many ways, this group is similar to PixElations, only not restricted to Photoshop. Any image manipulation tool is fine here – we ain’t prejudiced :-)


Infrared Photography Group - The Welcome

Welcome to the Infrared Photography Group.

I am sure that you will enjoy being part of this group. Please feel free to contribute thoughts and images, and definately bubblemail me with any suggestions.

The guidelines are available but I don’t think there will be anything there to suprise you too much.


The Digital Interface Group - An Overview

The Digital Interface is the hardware/software link between what the lens sees and what you see in the final print (or screen view). Primarily, for our purposes, it is the software that we use to re-create the world. Given that this is a bit of a wishy-washy it’s best to explain what I’m talking about :-)…

You can use a piece of software such as Photoshop or PaintShop Pro to enhance your images. We’ve all done it – crop, resize, sharpen, change contrast, brightness, hue/saturation etc. Well, that’s refinement but not re-creation.

Re-Creation is to take one or more pieces of art (photos for example) and to re-work them. You might clone out some significant piece to alter the subject or focal point of the image, or you might apply some complex filters to change the way the image appears

The Digital Interface Group - Guidelines

The Digital Interface Group is intended first and foremost as a learning centre. The idea is that those who have a will to do so will post images here with a reasonable description to help others in their development. In other words, don’t post an image unless you want to give away how you created it.

These are the guidelines the Digital Interface Group.

1. Only post images here that have been *significantly modified (or created!) in a software product such as Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, ArcSoft etc…… * Just changing the contrast, cropping and so on, without changing the nature or subject of the image is not enough. You must have created something new. An example of this would be composites of different images or collages, or complex filters.

2. It is expected that you include with y

Infrared Cameras and Filters

I’d invite all members of the Infrared Photography group to post their camera details here – but if they would like to :-)…

I’d suggest the following details might be useful for others considering the purchase of equiptment.

Camera Make/Model Canon Powershot S80
Megapixels 8mp
Filter Required none inbuilt Hoya R72 equivalent providing full-time IR
Est. Cost AUD$ Camera $500 second hand
Est. Cost AUD$ Conversion $250
Est. Cost AUD$ Filter(s) not required

Because the camera has been converted to full-time IR, the inbuilt IR blocker has been removed so long exposures are not necessary. Being a dedicated IR camera means I use my SLR for ‘normal’ photography. And the movie mode of this camera is pretty

Digital Infrared - Your Options

This article is very much by way of an introduction to infrared camera options. No doubt subsequent articles will go into greater detail. Essentially, this is a heads-up on what you can do if you are interested in Digital Infrared photography, but don’t know where to start.…

The first thing to know is that most digital cameras have an infrared blocker built in to ensure that no infrared light gets to the sensor. So you have to deal with that first.

Basically, you have three options:

1. Buy a special filter for your existing digital camera and expect very long exposure times
2. Buy an almost antique digital camera which has poor infrared screening AND a special filter and expect long exposure times (from 1/60th down to 1 second)
3. Have your camera converted to remove the infrared blocke

Nearly ..... LOL

Well, I nearly made the front page. I got to page 3 of the ‘Popular 7 days’ but ran out of days. Oh well, never mind. LOL.

I am suprised and delighted to get that far and have to thank all the wonderful people who came to visit, comment and/or favourite my ‘19th Century Now’ image.

A big thank you to you all.

May pixies bring the magic dust of happiness to ......

Ok, a bit of a fluffy title, but I am over the moon because someone bought another card – my ‘Toadsville’ image.

To the buyer, a huge thank you. My confidence goes up in leaps and bounds!

The feedback I had from my other sale was extremely positive – RedBubble produced a very impressive product and the recipient was delighted. So I am sure that this buyer will be too.


Image Protection

Has anyone used DIGIMARC for image protection?

It’s meant to be visually undetectable – though some image changes apparently occur. Some licencing options also allow tracking so that when people re-use your pictures online you get notified.

It sounds interesting but I’d like to hear from any users of this OR any other covert watermarking solutions.

I sold a card!

I sold a card – it’s being dispatched now. Wow!

This is not going to fund my trip to the sahara desert or pay for a flight on the worlds first commercial space flight, but it sure is nice.

To whoever bought my picture – thank you. My confidence is increasing.

Any suggestions?

When I check back in I like to look at the new stuff put on by others. It’s good to see what else is going on and hey, I might even learn something. So I’m leaving comments and so forth and it’s great.…

I guess this is the key to RedBubble. It works best when people collaborate in this way. Only by getting feedback can we improve. I certainly don’t have loads of friends logging on and backing me up with pictures and I suspect that others are in that situation too. So when I visit someone’s page because I have noticed a new picture added that strikes my eye, I make sure I review all their other pictures. Usually I try to leave at least one comment although some people are so good that I literally dont have time to comment on all their work.

I hope my comments are helpful to others an

Do Red Bubbles Burst?

If I had looked at some of the pics on red bubble I might have not joined. So much competition from so many talented people. But then, that’s the good thing about art. It is more than some competition or just an attempt to sell pictures. It’s about being you (or in my case being ‘me’) and no-one else can compete with that.

I hope people like my snaps. I hope some people even want to buy them. Even digital photography costs money. But mostly I hope that the images I post will affect people, make them think, perhaps change their view of the world – if only a little.

Just don’t burst my bubble :-)

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait