I am gone.

Well I have not been here for a while. RedBubble – to me – has abandoned the photographic artist in favour of the graphic artist. I believe there is room for both, indeed I believe there must be both.

I miss seeing the brilliance of those I have been following. I miss the interaction that used to be. But RedBubble has not delivered that to me for ages. Many of those I loved and respected have left the bubble. Some are still here but in a world where I am spending endless hours working to make ends meet, I cannot give them the attention that they deserve.

The observant (and interested) might notice that I still load images now and then, if much less frequently. RedBubble still works, for me, as a print-delivery service. But that’s all.

I feel like I am alone in the world.

But to all those wonderful artists and people still here, know that in my heart I am always with you – just not on redbubble. or as I have come to think of it….. deadbubble.

Create well and be your selves because you are true geniuses and only by being yourself can that light shine truly.

I am gone. But hopefully not forgotten.

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