For God? Maybe. For someone or something greater than us anyway.

I don’t know what you believe. Some believe in God-the-old-man-with-a-beard, while others believe in God-the-fluffy-white-love-cloud while others believe something in between, or something different again.

Regardless of that, I feel certain that this universe of ours contains wonderful delights that are here for someone or something beyond us.

Consider the images taken by the Hubble telescope which can only be seen and appreciated due to the technology involved. Yet the beauty has been there for ageseses.

Then consider things like Infrared Photography where a whole new world opens up around us. Things that seemed boring or even dull or plain suddenly take on a whole new beauty in infrared. Yet we can only see that beauty with the technology of infrared photography (and sometimes some software). Yet the beauty has always been there.

If at least these beauties exist then how many other wonders are everywhere about us but beyond our senses? How many mind blowing images, sounds, smells etc are there, but imperceptable to us humans?

Is it all luck? Is beauty only in the eye of the beholder? Are these things not beautiful until we see them? Or feel them (check out the universe in brail on the Hubble site!) ?

Maybe what some call God is less of an individual and more of an awareness, less of a separate being and more of the nature of everything and more. Maybe not. I don’t really know. I just think that there’s so much beauty that we are only just discovering and probably so much more that we cannot and may never see, that it must be orchestrated for someone. or something.

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  • Juilee  Pryor