Zen and the Art of redbubble

Just some thoughts about Art and our growth as artists. I sent out a version of this to the "Digital

Interface":http://www.redbubble.com/digital-interface group members, but while I’d use that as a justification for the group’s

guidelines it also seems to me to be appropriate (with

a slight reworking perhaps) for all redbubblers. But feel free to disagree…..

So why are we with redbubble? To showcase, educate and inspire. Oh, and to sell.

And lets start with selling. If you are here to sell then that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that (he says hoping the buyers agree). But selling

is a result – the result of two things – astounding art that is well showcased.

The showcase portion is essential, and there are many great tips on the forums or in the various journal entries. Start with the redbubble item "Tips

for Selling Your Work On RedBubble":http://www.redbubble.com/people/community/journ...

The astounding art bit – well, that’s more complex.

With the exception of the genius species (of which there are a few on redbubble), astounding art takes dedication. It also changes and matures over time

- influences and IS influenced. It is in a state of flux – ever changing and ever growing. Fresh, delightful, emotional – anything that moves you is

astonishing art. it has to make you feel or think differently. Essentially, as we develop as artists, our talents and our art develops too – it grows.

It is this growth that is critical. With growth comes greater appeal, and greater appreciation.

But growth requires a complex interaction with others. It requires nurturing, and feeding.

Lets plant a seedling. For that seedling to turn into a beautiful flower, it needs water, sun, fertilizer, other plants, insects, good soil, cultivation

and so on.

Our art is no different.

In our case, the good soil is our natural born talent.

The cultivation is a complex combination of learning, experience and so on.

The other plants are obviously other people’s artwork.

The other plants, insects etc are collaboration

The water, the fertilizer are inspiration.

The ‘sun’ is our ability to showcase our work.

Unless we have all of this, growth is unlikely. Some plants are solitary growers of course, but most of the plant (and animal) kingdom is completely

reliant on others. It cannot live – let alone grow – without them. And the human kingdom is no different.

Unlike many other sites, redbubble provides an enviromnent where such growth can occur. And to achieve this, fantastic artwork, good tutorials,

explanatory descriptions and mutual support are essential. Most groups have forums. Use them. Discuss, disagree, collaborate, explain – talk about

peanuts – whatever. It’s impssible to grow on our own. We need each other – to inspire us, to educate us, to challenge us. We need each other to take

us from our first bud to the full bloom of our talents – and then beyond.

You get what you give. Our world is a closed-system – there are no free lunches (unless you work for the tax office) and the better you make your

journals, the better your descriptions, the more use you make of your forums etc, the more – ultimately – you will get out of it.

We have a chance to push the limits. Don’t sit on the sidelines. Most of the greatest classic artists taught students and shared their skills and styles.

You are every bit as talented as the great ones. I’ve seen your work. I know this is true.

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