What a fantastic new year it's going to be!

As you may know, I’m off line a lot at the moment. I try to check in now and then but have had very little time – which is depresing in itself because there’s so much being posted here that is awesome – i know that without looking because of the calibre of the photography and visual arts I’ve commented on (and favourited!) before.

But when I checked my emails today, I found that I have just sold 13 of my anti-fluouride "shirts’:http://www.redbubble.com/people/lightsmith/clot...

wow! Triple bonus to the new year.

1. people like them!
2. I’m a success in something
3. the poison that is fluoride is not going into geelong water without a fight.

Last year was pretty grim and things are still rather difficult (in the private life) but this is a fantastic start to 2008 and I am SOOOOO thankful to whoever bought the t-shirts and who is fighting the good fight against the big F. :-)

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