Holy Jesus - It's Christmas and All the Non-Christians have something to celebrate!

So most Christians will be celebrating the birth of Christ. Given.

But most non-Christians have something important to celebrate too!

Imagine someone who tells people to love one another, to turn the other cheek, to put others first and to reject materialism.

Imagine someone who spends much of their life healing others – for no charge. Who was often attacked but never retaliated. Who never once encouraged his followers to attack or hurt or kill others.

Someone who, when being arrested with the almost certain probability of death, admonished one of his supporters for attacking the arresting soldiers.

Regardless of ‘religion’ or of ‘dogma’ or of human beings failing to live up to such ideals, surely the birth of anyone like that is a cause for celebration.

So everyone has something to celebrate in the birth of Jesus.

Everytime someone is born who strives to build a better world, we should all rejoice.

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