RedBubble Stats - Download of Writing Option

Please visit my RedBubble Stats Application because the latest version allows you to download your writing (all or nominated pieces) to the PC as text files.

This is a wonderful way of backing up writing which often gets typed into RedBubble and not your PC.

There’s a note (if you scroll thru the comments) regarding a Microsoft fix for the missing TABCTL32.OCX file. I can’t test it because mine works, but it should fix the problems people have experienced. Of course, no responsibility etc…… it is, after all, Microsoft.

I find this application very useful. Not only can I get stats on my comments, sales etc for art, clothing, calendars and writing, but also now download my written pieces. At last. It is a basic download – saving the title, the description and the text all in a .TXT file. But hey, you can jigger it all in Word or something if you like.

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