Groups Gone Gaga.....

I did a calculation based on groups per page and number of pages and it seems that there are 1,695 groups on redbubble.

On the one hand, that’s pretty impressive. Mind blowing in fact.

On the other hand, it almost seems to me that there are too many groups.

Now I couldn’t put my finger on any group and say it is unnecessary, but with 1695 groups online it must be pretty difficult knowing whats there and which we should join.

We almost need a group-grouping or something so that we can better see them. For example, here’s a list of groups advocating for/against things, here’s a list of groups that only accept traditional (non photographic) items, here’s a list of groups which are country specific ……

What do others feel?

Is 1695 too many?
Should be have some additional layers to help us navigate?
Should we be restricted on what we can see based on our location, our interests (keywords in our profile for example)?

Should there be an “I’m not in any group except this one” group for those who don’t like groups? Or is there one of those already?

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