Infrared Cameras and Filters

I’d invite all members of the Infrared Photography group to post their camera details here – but if they would like to :-)

I’d suggest the following details might be useful for others considering the purchase of equiptment.

Camera Make/Model Canon Powershot S80
Megapixels 8mp
Filter Required none inbuilt Hoya R72 equivalent providing full-time IR
Est. Cost AUD$ Camera $500 second hand
Est. Cost AUD$ Conversion $250
Est. Cost AUD$ Filter(s) not required

Because the camera has been converted to full-time IR, the inbuilt IR blocker has been removed so long exposures are not necessary. Being a dedicated IR camera means I use my SLR for ‘normal’ photography. And the movie mode of this camera is pretty acceptable meaning I also take IR movies.

Only two limitations. It is very susceptible to sun flare. That can work for me, but usually it’s a nuisance. Also, it doesn’t have RAW mode. JPG compression is still pretty impressive though and I am happy to recommend it without hesitation.

Now, I’d invite you all to add your own equipment below. If you do, then be honest and if there are limitations (or features!) then include them.

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