RedBubblers' Blog

I have create a new blog – RedBubblers’s Blog – on which I intend to highlight art (primarily from RedBubble) that I like. Essentially, It’s just a way whereby we can drive traffic to redbubble and hopefully improve sales and/or interest.

At this stage I hope to add to the blog ever day or so, depending on my free time. Sometimes there will be artwork with links back to redbubble, other times it will contain text-only comments (but still with links back).

Being listed on the blog is pretty well a matter of chance – when I see something I like, I naturally want to spread the news. This is not an open invitation for anyone to submit works or requests to me – just create great stuff and when I find it I will attempt to fit it in. Generally I will try to notify people before adding their images to the blog as a matter of courtesy.

RedBubble is what we make it – so anything that raises the awareness of art, improves it’s accessibility, or bring the focus onto the wonderful work of the talented artists on RedBubble has to be a good thing.

The blog address is and I recommend frequent visits – or subscribing to it.

BTW. The blog is not related to the excellent redbubble group RedBubblers

Oh, and a subsequent announcement may be expected in week or so regarding a further (related) venture or two.


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