My Favourite 12 Pictures for Pene's Calendar

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Here’s my list of my favourite twelve images :

1. Osama Bin Laden wearing thigh high boots and a pink silk tutu
2. John Lennon’s elbow (in HDiR)
3. Bridgit Bardot’s famous nude scene with Walt Disney and the four legged hermaphodite
4. Vlad the Impaler’s infamous goose pate advertisement
5. The Sacred Picture of The Blessed Snake-eyed Mole in the temple of Gingernuts
6. Tutankharmun’s left nipple before it was bitten off by a zebra
7. Queen Victoria in Infrared Knickers
8. The famous 1934 execution of the infamous twinkle-button serial murderer – Pierre Rudolf Wrinkleskin – by excessive exposure to the smell of his own buttocks.
9. The real pictures taken on the real moon by the real photographers who weren’t there.
10. The picture of a cocktail umbrella entered into the Canon Photo5 competition which looked like a bloodstain on the wall and which was called Splat and which won first prize of $50,000 but only in the 4th alternative universe on the left
11. Two Pilk(e) continuing their race without the use of digital imagery or viagra
12. My uncle Cedric dressed up as a Hungarian plonk-monkey posing with the Pompeiian Elephant procurer – Elephantus. (or his brother Trunkius).

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