Minimalisms - or at least, my take.

I’ve been watching a redbubbler called Zaldy Infante for some time, and am totally impressed with a number of short (tiny?) writings posted. Check them out.

I am inspired to add a small (tiny) number of my own. There is no better gift that one can give another than that of inspiration. So I thank Zaldy Infante so much for inspiring me to contribute just a few of my own. Some serious, some funny, some thought-provoking, some thought-destroying.


1. The Meaning of Life
2. The Meaning of Death
3. Military Intelligence
4. Job Seekers Dilemma
5. Dog Stole Rings
6. The Joy of Sex
7. Epoxymoron
8. Most Infamous Quote
9. It curls up, it pleases, it warms and it delights.
10. Cannibal Tries Hand At Frickasy

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