Why I've gone off challenges

I’ve only entered one challenge but I’ve gone off them already. Not because I didn’t win (there’s just so many good pix out there that I have zip chance anyway). No, the reason is that I can’t see them being very fair. But I welcome your comments, because maybe I am not typical in my thinking.

My main issue is this. If there are say 50 images in the challenge, who is going to go through all 50 of them and pick the best? Most likely you’ll click thru to the first one you really like and vote for it. All the subsequent ones dont get seen. That’s why it’s unfair.

Maybe everyone else DOES flick thru all of them, recording the ones they like best, then deciding etc….. but I certainly dont have the time (or the memory) to do it. So I am likely as not to ignore them in future. Which is a pity because I thnk the idea is fabulous.

I’d prefer it if all images were loaded to the page at say 200×200pixels (ish) and then you click on the one you like most. That would be better…..

So anyway, I apologise to all those in challenges – you have wonderful work, and most deserve to win them – even if that outcome IS impossible LOL. But with the current system….. it just doesnt work for me as a voter.

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