Even my confusion is confused!

My Overview of activity has the following two lines in it (amongst others):

Group submission
Windows XPerience not a Vista! was into the Windows and Doors group about 5 hours ago.

Group submission accepted
Windows XPerience not a Vista! was accepted into the Black and White Photography group about 5 hours ago.

The first says “Group Submission” and omits the word ‘accepted’ and later says ‘was into the’ rather than ‘was accepted into the’ …..

Err…. now perhaps it’s me, but I’d have thought the message for acceptance would be the same regardless of the group. I double checked and the image WAS accepted by both, and I refreshed my browser and it remains the same. I wasn’t aware that it could be setup on a group basis…..

Am I mad? Has insanity finally got the better of me? Or is there some weirdness in redbubble that produces this result that others might have noticed at times?

Here’s a screen shot …..

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