Any suggestions?

When I check back in I like to look at the new stuff put on by others. It’s good to see what else is going on and hey, I might even learn something. So I’m leaving comments and so forth and it’s great.

I guess this is the key to RedBubble. It works best when people collaborate in this way. Only by getting feedback can we improve. I certainly don’t have loads of friends logging on and backing me up with pictures and I suspect that others are in that situation too. So when I visit someone’s page because I have noticed a new picture added that strikes my eye, I make sure I review all their other pictures. Usually I try to leave at least one comment although some people are so good that I literally dont have time to comment on all their work.

I hope my comments are helpful to others and that we can all, as a community, boister each other as a co-operative rather than competition. Any other views on this?

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