Did you know .....

Bored with the same old ‘did you know’s?

Try these:

Did you know that of the two hundred million varieties of spengali fleas, only three have the capacity to reproduce outside of the intestinal track of the horse worm.

Did you know that there are no known species of elephant capable of eating themselves?

Did you know that in 1645, a man called Smithfield-Socket invented the worlds first lead powered brain-pump. Called the ‘Gladyscope’ after his wife, Scope, it was universally ignored by the worlds medical experts at the time and only became popular in the 1700s as a form of sexual pervertion.

Did you know that the planet Zychron contains more atmosphere than carrots?

Did you know that Henry the Eighth burst in his coffin?

Did you know that there is a field of mental physics called fraternalizationismology which deals with the interactions of super-atomic particles induced into a state of disfunction by morphing of the quantum plane with a coconut?

Did you know I am totally insane?

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