The Day The Light Went Out

This is Lenny. Truly, he was the light of my life.

The light died on the 15th April when he was helped to sleep.

A host of problems including liver and kidney failure led to the dissapearance of that lovely smile. He couldn’t walk, eat or drink, had started to fit, and we felt we had to do the right thing by him.

Over the last 10 months we’ve had a father with bleeding stomach ulcers (all over the house), two mothers with four heart attacks, one subdural hematomae, one stroke, a very bad fall, pnuemonia, and i’ve lost a brother. Through all of that we’d had no rest – at times doing 7 hour round trips visiting parents in seperate hospitals.

One person was always there, happy to greet us, to provide us with support and love. One person never was upset because we were out late, or too tired to take them out for a bit of fun. One person took off the pain and the troubles that we were facing.

That person was Lenny.

Yes, the Lord was with us, sustaining us, and keeping us functioning under trying conditions (which still continue), but it was in the tangible love of a smallish keeshond that He gave us the most support.

We thank God for Lenny, without him we’d not be here now. I know he will be cared for, and that he is now far better off than during his last few weeks.

But this loss – small to many no doubt, but immense to me – has broken my heart and even after almost two weeks, I cannot function properly. So please accept my apologees for what will be a very sketchy presence for a while.

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