There are people in the world that want to stop you speaking English except for when that speech is used only of them and in support of their pocket. They are not terrorists, not in the gun and bomb sense. But they are terrorists never the less. And I have just been the victim of such a terrorist.…

“They Might Be Giants” is a 1971 film staring George C Scott and Joanne Woodward. It was based on the play of the same name and both were written by James Goldman. The original play was directed in London by Joan Littlewood in 1961.

MANY years later someone decided to use the name as the name of their pop group.

I thought the film to be brilliant and it stayed with me for years. As did the title.

When I shot a picture of some (apparently) massive grave stones, in infrared of course, the ti

Well thanks RedBubble. How about I give up on you altogether?

Just received this email (which you all would) about decommissioning LIGHT YELLOW t-shirts. This is my main sales item and always in this colour. It looks and works best in this yellow so now I can expect zero sales.…

Thanks RedBubble. For nothing.

I am seriously going to look around for another print/delivery service. One that does not pull the rug from under its people.


One of the most important things we can help you do is ensure your artwork reaches your fans as quickly as possible. With this in mind we’re about to significantly improve apparel distribution to Europe which requires the demise of a handful of t-shirt colors. Light yellow, light pink and grey on Unisex and Girly Fit T-Shirts.

How does this impact you?

Your following works have one of these colors set as the d

Pillow Contempt

I have nothing against the new throw pillows but I don’t want my art on them. But that is the default. At 20% pricing. The ONLY way to change this is a blanket repricing of ALL my works or individually going through EVERY piece to knock off the pillows.…

Is ANYONE else out there ANNOYED by this change?

As an artist, the presentation of my art is a big thing to me and having images stuck on pillows without my express desire is something that I find unacceptable.

And what will be the next thing that our art is made available on? Underwear? Business cards? Condoms? Will postcards be introduced and our art be available on these by default?

I am going to have to go through every piece of art I have to change this – only to find the same problem occurs next time. So I am seriously conside

I am gone.

Well I have not been here for a while. RedBubble – to me – has abandoned the photographic artist in favour of the graphic artist. I believe there is room for both, indeed I believe there must be both.…

I miss seeing the brilliance of those I have been following. I miss the interaction that used to be. But RedBubble has not delivered that to me for ages. Many of those I loved and respected have left the bubble. Some are still here but in a world where I am spending endless hours working to make ends meet, I cannot give them the attention that they deserve.

The observant (and interested) might notice that I still load images now and then, if much less frequently. RedBubble still works, for me, as a print-delivery service. But that’s all.

I feel like I am alone in the world.

But to al

Abandonment of Photographers by RB

Is it only me or has RedBubble completely abandoned its photographic artists?

The T-shirts are almost always graphic art.
Whenever I see any ‘RedBubble’ contributions it always seems to be graphic art.

Is it just me?

Or do others feel abandoned?

Werribee Mansion Restrictions

Werribee Mansion charges a license feel of $350 if you wish to sell any of the images you take there. This is a case of profit first, in my opinion, and does NOT support local artists.

We contribute to the Mansion by bringing it to the public in new and innovative ways, we generate interest and ultimately financial support for them. But for us to sell an image, we need to cover this unfair and unreasonable license fee that is there only to ‘protect’ their commercial interests. I feel this is unfair and encourage all to email them, urging that artists be free from this fee.


Newspaper Feature - Geelong Advertiser 6th January 2012

The year may (or may not) end with a bang but it has certainly started with one.

I was so lucky to be featured in an article in the Geelong Advertiser on the 6th January. A very positive piece and definitely a huge encouragement for my art, featuring two of my infrared pictures of Geelong.

7th heaven? I think they just invented an 8th…..

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