We Had French Fries For Lunch .....

We had french fries for lunch.

I put home made tomato sauce on mine.
When I put the bottle back on the table I noticed that a small drop had dripped onto the outside of the rim.
Just a small drop.

The sauce was quite thick so when that drop started to travel down the side of the bottle it travelled really slow.
At first it just kept turning over itself as it passed over the thread that the cap screws on.
While it was doing this I noticed that a seed had been left in. The seed was also doing the slo mo tumble over the threads. As a matter of fact, after a while I realized that it was this seed that made me notice the “tumbling” in the first place.
At one stage I thought it was going to be left behind. It almost got stuck in the depression in one of the threads. But eventually the stickiness or attractive tension or whatever it is, picked it up again and dragged it along with it.

As soon as the thread was cleared the sauce travelled much faster. Still slow … but faster than over the thread.

The sun was shining through the window onto the bottle.
The glass of the bottle was bending the light rays, directing them straight at me.

When the drop got to where the light was it paused. I don’t know why. It just did.
Maybe it was temperature change although I thought that would make it faster rather than slower.
Maybe it just wanted to rest! Maybe it wanted to show me something. Who knows, not me, that’s for sure.
As it paused there I realised the seed had stopped tumbling, it had just been sliding, floating in the drop.
The light shone through the drop.
Do you know how many reds there are in a drop of sauce?
Where it’s thinnest its almost a yellow red. Not orange, definitely not orange, No, it’s a yellow red.
Maybe I’m colour blind.
But I can see heaps of detail too.
I just realised, I still have my glasses on from when I was reading the paper, no wonder my eyes felt strained.
There are many little individual pieces floating in the sauce, light pieces, dark pieces and red pieces. I suppose the red pieces are tomato.
The dark pieces might be burnt bits of tomato? I don’t think so though. It doesn’t taste burnt.
There is a syrupy texture I can see in there as well, and lumpy bits. All of this in one little drop.

It’s moving again. I just realised why it was stuck or paused.
It paused on the glue left behind from where the label was peeled off.
Now I am puzzled. Finally worked out why it stopped, and now i have to try to figure out why it started again!!
The mysteries of life eh? Wonder if Stephen Hawking ponders such things, or if he only wonders about string theory and dark matter?
I’m guessing that the label glue absorbed moisture and let it slide again.
Although I don’t really know why this should be so.
Some things just are I suppose.

Once it passed the glue it slid faster than ever. Maybe it absorbed a surfactant out of the glue?
From there it only took about 40 seconds to reach the bottom. I expected it to sit on it’s tension once it reached the table top. But it didn’t.
It just goozed. And pooled. And it formed a little dollop at the side of the bottle.
Eventually it wasn’t even touching the bottle at all anymore.
Just a dollop.
On it’s own.
On the table.
A round circle, a red circle, with a seed in it.

We Had French Fries For Lunch .....

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