From the darkest place back into the light

3 years ago my world fell apart and i collapsed, just a ‘little’ thing took me down, but i had been trough several times of pain and desparation in my life, i finally was so out of balance i just couldn’t pick myself up again to enjoy life, so i gave in.
Untill i asked the universe for help, that was my first step to where i am today…
Have been going through rough times, locked myself up in our bedroom crying for days about all the times i had tucked my pains away to a deep place i thought i would never have to look at them again… silly me…when painfull things happen you are allowed to grief and let it out.
I have been on meds for a few months but that just made me numb, and didn’t take away the pain. But as i asked for help, the right people came along. And so i met an amazing couple who helped me together, one for the talking and crying and the other for meditations and Reiki ( and crying) the medication got switched to energetic liquids. Learning to let go of things, understanding why things happen, what this world and it inhabitants are really about and most importand getting back in touch with that Higher Spirit i call God. Talking, reading and leargetting back in touch with Yeshua (Jesus), and hours of healing took me step by step back to my own power.
This week i stopped also with the energetic liquids and now i am on my own, now i have to trust on my own strength.
So there might be some tears again every now and then when i have to reach deep, but i do believe in me.
Red Bubble is a part of the healing, Thank you Saleire ,angel for bringing me here, you have a special place in my heart. It’s because of people like you i got my trust in me back. And thanks to her i met even more wonderfull people and i truly believe Red Bubble is much more then a place to sell art……
This is not about feeling sorry for myself (the opposite is true, i have gained so much strength while working on all of this) .. it’s about sharing how life can seem to be a desperate place, but how it can all change when you have the courage to open your heart to look at your deepest feelings and open up to Love..and ‘simply’ ask for help……

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