Dear friends,
today my brother died… I have no power to write anymore. Last night I finished a wonderful painting, I will dedicate it to HIM…. He was my half-brother, and he lived with my father and his mother… My father is devastated. I have no tears anymore. For 10 months away from home (I am from Bulgaria), I lost my 2 grand-fathers, one of my grand-mothers and … now my brother. He was ill, with muscular dystrophy, and his condition became worse over the last few months, he had already difficulties with breathing! It is the most hideuos and frightening death – to die form suffocation! I can’t believe he is dead!!!! He can’t be dead!!! I pray that his soul now is free from all suffering and he was giving an example to all of us, ordinary people complaining from unsignificant things… how to live and to be happy!
My sweet little brother is dead, and I don’t know what to do – nothing can bring him back. I hope that he will stay always with us, as an angel, to shine in our darkest days, and to teach us TO LIVE…

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