New start, new stories

So… Red bubble hey? Its been a long while since i have done anything art related and i figure its about time to start again.
I am retail queen in a world of madness who once apon a time loved to take her clothes off and get nuddy for the camera. I enjoy pina coladas and long walks on the beach.. no wait.. this isnt RSVP!
i like to think i can paint a little, i think i am a little talented with a camera with a super macro lens and have rather rubenesque curves that i think i would like to put back into action again. maybe. MAYBE.
I was on devaintart for a long while and i have found of late it is all about the photo and comment whoring and i really am too busy for that kind of upkeep, it feels so much more mature here, no bad anime and myspace angles (that i’ve found anyway)
I hope to make some wonderful connections in the melbourne art world and hopefully buy some kickass art in the process!
So everybody! Post some kickass art!
Libertine x

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