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Auckland, New Zealand

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Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Troubled she was, by the sneers and grimaces of her elders. She has longed for an escape, she had laid in her bed night after night thinking of the glorious day when she would be released. The time was soon, she knew this, and a thin smile crossed her pale lips. In the dawn’s glow she had slipped out into the forest. Branches crumbled beneath her feet and the icy air clouded before her, friendly spectres guiding her way. A crow had told her to come here, he said he had watched her for many years. He wore a mask of bone, or maybe it was his skull? She dared not dwell upon it, she just followed the orders.

The breeze whispered her name, and Goldie stretched her spindly spider-limb fingers down to the soil. Brushing brown rotting Autumn leaves aside she uncovered a worn tome. Gently wiping the dirt from it caused runes to glow and gently dance on the surface, and as she clutched it to her chest she noticed a large needle made of oak in the soil, underneath where the book had slept. The artifacts were exactly where the crow had told her, and she scurried home with both of them in her arms, making sure to hide them before her family awoke.

Her smile remained, and the moonlight bounded in through her window, shadows of trees danced along the walls. It was now time. She picked up the needle and tiptoed down the darkened hallway. She made sure to wear a nightgown made of the softest fabric, one that wouldn’t crinkle or crunch to alert the sleeping captors. Her breathing was slow and deliberate, and her hand rested on the doorknob of the room at the end of the hallway. Goldie inhaled deeply, but silently, and then she very slowly opened the heavy wooden door just a crack. Luckily, Goldie was a small girl of small stature, and could creep through the tiny gap she had left. So she did. Step, step. In her mind she imagined she was a ballerina, with a grace and softness that would surely seem alien to her family. A few more steps and she stood at the side of her parent’s bed, and Goldie did not hesitate for one second. She did not ponder her morals as though it was one of her charming books. Goldie swiftly brought the needle down, stabbing it through the hearts of both her parents, and then a couple more times to be perfectly sure they were dead. They didn’t even scream, Goldie was relieved in a way, she was thankful they didn’t repent in the last moment and cause her unmeasured guilt about what she had just done. The silence that they died smothered in would make it easier for her to remove the remaining member of the family, her baby brother.

Once the deed was done she took her brother’s corpse in her bloodied arms and lay him between the bodies of her parents. The crow had told her the next step – remove their faces and they may live on as your servants. There was nobody around to see the slight twinge of fear in Goldie’s eyes, was she even capable of that sort of violence? She began with her father, the man she hated the most, and gently pushed the serrated edge of the needle into his face, slicing the flesh from the skull as though it were sliced ham. The face made a wet noise as it slid off the muscle, and it made Goldie a little nauseous. Wisely, she decided she should try and cast the enchantment with this specimen first.
Across the room was a large stuffed bear that her parents had received as an engagement present, a glint appeared in Goldie’s eyes as she held her father’s face between her fingers, through the eye sockets. She then placed her father’s face over the bear’s face, and reached into her pocket, pulling out black thread made the crow had pulled from his heart. Threading a needle of this size was no issue, and once she had done that she began to stitch the bear back up into its new form.

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