Do All Humans Look Alike

I was sitting on the seashore of pebbles that felt like sand with four of my friends. One of them, the oldest, was very slim and very fat at the same time with grey rare hair. His face was usually motionless and his eyes impenetrable. He called himself Eric. The second one was short of obese complexion bearing the huge hump on his back. His eyes were in a constant motion so you could never catch his eye for more than a fraction of a second. His name was Benho. The third member of our weird group was crippled. His body did not evolve at the same time as his head, so it made almost comical picture of a huge, balloon-like head with a bright red cap and Ray Ban sunglasses attached to a withered abomination of a body. His name was Mike. And the last member of our group was a lady. Nobody knew exact or even approximate age because she always wore a full-body black latex suit and had a red scarf all over her face. Her eyes were also concealed by impenetrable black goggles. Her name was Mystique, or should I say it was what she liked to be called. Oh, yes. I’ve got so carried away by describing my strange companions that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Freake. I, should I say, am the most normal looking out of the group. I am quite tall, well-built with asymmetrical blonde-green hair and radiant purple eyes. Some even call me to be quite handsome. But that is not the point.It was an absolutely normal day; the sky was dark purple with the ever-present rain cloud but at the same time crimson on the horizon, the mark of the everlasting sunset. The air was still and warm, so, Eric, Benho and I decide to go for a swim, the zombie style. It meant that basically instead of swimming we had to go strait into the sea without moving the limbs until the water covered us all. Eric lead the way, consequently, he was the first to be covered. When I saw him still moving forth I knew I had to act, otherwise he would suffocate without even realizing it. So, I grabbed him by his hair and started dragging him out of abyss. Just as his face appeared on the surface I saw a back fin of the giant white shark closing on as at the miraculous speed. In the panic I started to back peddle as my hands were still holding Eric felt to be unconscious or just unmoved by the situation. But despite my fierce effort the fin was still closing the gap with ease. Adrenaline was reaching its peak and my eyes became as wide as dinner plates in anticipation of the final fatal strike when I felt the sand underneath. At the same moment the beast stopped, turned slapping me with its sleazy tale and disappeared in the boiling water. I couldn’t move. This assault was so shocking that all I could do was sit and look at the see with the dumb expression on my face. Eric was lying to my left still unbothered by anything.I felt movement to the left of me. Not without an effort I looked away just to see a fluorescent orange shrimp standing and looking back at me. It was no more than 20 centimetres big. It had 3 hands on the left and 5 on the right side. It was wearing a brown hat and held a briefcase of matching colour in lower of the left hands. Its look was of curiosity and something like calculation as if it wanted to sell me something, but after brief hesitation it just turned back to the sea and jumped into the water hurrying away.I could sit here on this place forever, so I stood up. I left Eric lying there and walked up the shore. There I saw Mystique. She was engaged in some kind of an argument with a presentably looking man. His longish raven hair was combed back and his goatee was as sharp as a sabre. He was wearing a black suit with black shoes and vermillion shirt. Despite all his good looking and well-mannered behaviour I easily recognized the mythological character, Mephistopheles, standing right in front of me. I approached them just in time to hear that the argument was about humans and whether they all looked alike or not. I didn’t exactly knew who was saying what, but my approach brought an immediate solution to their problem. They decided to line 13 people in front of me, so that I could to decide whether they all looked alike or not. After several minutes Mystique arranged the line and stood at its end as the 13th member of this demonstration line. My eyes studied each individual standing in front of me. Surprisingly I acknowledged that 3 of them were simply a drawing made by not a really good artist. 5 of them were faceless mannequins, while all the rest, except for Mystique, were grey-faced zombies with cataract eyes and blank expressions. I wandered how could I judge this argument with such a gathering of worthless exemplars, when the prince of darkness approached me and whispered into my left ear:

- Do all humans look alike?

Do All Humans Look Alike


London, United Kingdom

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the dream that I had another day

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  • andreaoliveras
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