I finally took the step.....

I was so very nervous…..but I did it and it was great.
Some of my framed images are now up on the walls of a very nice high end shop right in the middle of our downtown.
I brought the owner some examples and she loves them!
I thought I was going to faint. LOL!
Not only is she a shop owner but it turns out that she has a degree in photography and does her own darkroom work. How exciting!
I felt honored when she not only accepted some of my art for her shop but she had many nice things to say and was suprised that I haven’t gone to shool for photography. (yet) I plan to take some classes this spring.
I wanted to extend my thanks my fellow bubblers beacause if it weren’t for all your wonderful comments and encouragement I never would have taken this big step.
So……..THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
Now just wish me luck that something sells in there! LOL!

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