Flushed with success...or is it food poisoning?

So I logged on this morning to find out that I’m a virgin no longer. A big thank-you to Alexandra Jack, who bought my ‘When I’m dead" T-shirt – it takes a lot to make me smile on a Monday morning!

I’ve often seen comments about first purchases being the design/artwork that the owner least expected to sell, and my case is no exception.

I guess I’m not the first to assume that the designs that I have an emotional and historical investment in — computer gaming nostalgia, in this instance — would be the ones that would speak to others. It’s too soon to say that a rethink and redirect of my work is required, but I’m certainly looking at things in a different light!

It’s also a little soon to go storming into my boss’ office to tell him that he’s an officious little tick and that he can shove his job, ‘cause I’m going to make a new living selling T-shirts and prints.

It’s tempting though.


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