Joined August 2011

I live in the South West of the UK and I enjoy photographing flowers and my beloved Devon and the Dartmoor National Park.

My June Achievements

Very many thanks to the hosts of the various groups for featuring my pictures, to members for voting in the challenges and to those unknown buyers on RB, making this a successful month for me.

I have been fortunate enough to receive 44 FEATURES

20 TOP TENS (five of these placed above 5th)

Domed ceiling in the Basilica de Sant’Anastasia (Verona)


And 3 SALES:
Window in Glastonbury Abbey Tote Bag
Giardino Giusti, Verona Greetings Card
Black Kangaroo Paw Leggings


None of this would be possible without everyone else – so thank you everyone for your ongoing support and friendship. The friendship and support are the things most important to me on Red Bubble – everything else is a bonus.

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